20 Years of Excellence

10 August 2018
August 10, 2018 marks a significant milestone for Merhels - 20 years ago on that day the Firm was founded. Edvards Merhels, managing partner and the Firm’s founder reflects: “These twenty years have passed by a blink of an eye. I very well remember my first day of work at Merhels, the first project, and the first audit season. Over the years, I have cultivated the same driving force behind establishing the Firm - producing meaningful output, making a difference, helping people and always doing the right thing. These values have shaped the practice which, judged by its impeccable reputation, personalised client service approach and breadth of services, I believe is now the leading independent Latvian national accountancy firm. I am very thankful to the clients, who have entrusted their affairs into our hands and continue to do so. I am very thankful to our business partners, who have the confidence and courage to recommend us as a trustworthy organisation to their clients. Finally, I would like to express gratitude to my colleagues, whose contribution has been an invaluable resource in building the firm. Having said that, I am not looking back; instead, I am looking forward, armed with not only confidence but with the same set of values as 20 years ago.”