Cyber crime: a growing threat to global companies

03 October 2014

Cyber security, once limited to the expertise of Information Technology specialists, has become a business-critical issue engaging senior corporate leaders worldwide – such conclusion stems from recent publication of RSM ‘Talking Points’ prepared by economic advisor David Bartlett .

Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels Revidenti Konsultanti, comments: “It is hard to overestimate the significance of IT in our daily lives. If I look back 20 years when I started as an audit assistant at then Arthur Andersen, people in the office were preparing hand written audit working papers, few people had idea how to work with PC, we used fax machine to send messages to clients. When I tell this to my daughter, I can see confusion and disbelieve in her eyes. Today we spend lots of time working and playing with our laptops, we are accessible at a touch of a button 24/7, machines do work for us. This is all great as long as these devices work. Once they fail or underperform, we are lost and confused. Cyber crime is one of triggers which can make our machines fail or underperform and make us feel miserable. I believe that anyone is exposed and can become a victim of cyber crime, hence this matter is serious and should be taken seriously.”

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