Reflections on last busy season

09 May 2014

April 30, being the deadline for filing of statutory accounts for most of the companies, is a magic date for accountants as it marks the end of the busy season. For us it is as well the trigger to reflect on achievements and start date for outlaying plans for the next busy season. Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels Revidenti Konsultanti, says: “Every busy season is challenging and often difficult, the last one not being an exception. At the same time it is a special time as it really makes one stronger. I am proud to reflect that we at Merhels have an excellent team which can successfully handle all the challenges. It likewise is clear that Merhels can truly define itself as provider of solutions across a broad range of areas. Of course, audit and accounting is and will be significant part of our business. However, the width and depth of other services continues to grow. For example, Merhels recently assisted investors from Hong Kong with their acquisition of real estate in Latvia. During the period of last 12 months we advised AS UniCredit Bank in tax issues in relation to restructure of the bank’s operations in Latvia. We have been engaged in projects pertinent to compilation of transfer pricing documentation, implementation of tax risk management system, investigation of suspected fraud and valuation of intangibles. The Firm now has 16 busy seasons behind its back and it seems that we have outlived the difficult corporate teenage years, having become mature enough to crack very hard nuts.”