Merhels launches new corporate identity

09 November 2015

Merhels Revidenti Konsultanti adopts ‘Merhels’ as its brand name together with a new visual identity. The new brand identity aims to communicate the shift in the Firm’s strategic development and to reinforce the Firm’s strong commitment to quality and integrity.

We often have been told that the Firm’s strengths lie in ‘professional attitude towards its duties’, ‘deep involvement of partners in engagements’, ‘reliability’ and ‘honesty’. These values have been captured in the Firm’s new positioning: “Excellence Focused Mindset”.

Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels, comments: “During last 6 years we devoted lots of energy to exploring various strategic development avenues. In the end we chose to proceed as independent national firm; this is quite a change given the fact that from 2004 until start of 2015 we were affiliated with leading international mid-tier audit networks. Further, we decided to pursue organic growth scenario having realised that we have proper drivers for that. Last but not the least we opted to focus on areas where we can deliver excellent value and where our efforts can bring genuine appreciation. To highlight these changes, we redesigned our corporate identity in line with the new reality. Our brand name now is ‘Merhels’ which is how most of customers call us anyway. Our new corporate colour is olive green, which represents balanced state of being, prosperity and our national identity. Our new positioning is ‘Excellence Focused Mindset’, which highlights what attitude and actions one should expect from us. I look forward to deliver the best of what we can under our new corporate identity to help customers move forward with confidence”.