Lawyer Monthly Witness Award 2017

10 March 2017

Lawyer Monthly has selected Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels, for a Lawyer Monthly - Expert Witness 2017 Award in recognition of his specialized knowledge and experience within the area of strategic business consultancy.

The Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards recognise experts and expert advisors that have superior knowledge and experience within their field and have a proven record in assisting either third parties, courts, tribunals, arbitration hearings and official enquiries to help them understand the issues in a case or report and thereby reach a sound and just decision.

To ensure fairness and accuracy Lawyer Monthly’s research department worked to a point-based evaluation system which was applied to each person shortlisted for entry. Points were awarded for each of the criteria below:

  • The number of vote nominations received
  • Supporting material, covering statements and evidence supplied
  • Amount of documented activity in the last 18 months when compared to industry peers
  • Involvement in significant legal cases, legal activity, tribunals, arbitration hearings and official enquiries and third party use
  • Area expertise and specializations within that field
  • Specialized degrees and training
  • Length of time practicing in this field
  • Positions held since completion of formal education, and length of time in each position
  • Publications in this field
  • Membership in professional societies/associations/organizations, and special positions in them
  • Honours, acknowledgments, and awards received by you in your field
  • Availability for consulting to any party.