State revenue service (SRS), already 3rd time, praises our tax payment discipline

09 May 2017

SRS regularly evaluates tax payments made by tax payers to the state budget to express gratitude to those who in a good faith comply with obligations set by tax laws and pay significant amount of tax to the budget. Merhels, third time in a row, has been praised by SRS in this regard.

Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels, comments: β€œIt is indeed a pleasure to receive gratitude from SRS that Merhels is seen as a good taxpayer. This recognition has very practical consequences – SRS will not burden our Firm with any kind of detailed scrutiny at least until April 2018 unless we force them to do that by our actions. Further, it demonstrates that SRS is serious about fighting with grey business and improving competitive landscape for the benefit of all.”