Examination of EU funded projects

17 July 2017

In May and June of 2017 Merhels was contracted to assist European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy in execution of their audits and controls. Our tasks included verification and analysis of final control reports put together by national audit authorities covering EU funded programmes in planning period 2007-2013 and setting-up action plan to avert identified problems.

Reports subject to examination addressed EU funded programmes in relation to such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Additionally, a number of projects financed by EU were subject to checking of compliance with public procurement regulations.

Edvards Merhels, managing partner of Merhels, comments: “We are honoured for trust shown to us and opportunity to work together with staff of the Internal Audit Division of the European Commission’s Directorate – General for Regional Policy and Urban Policy. The overarching goal of the activity eventually is to promote the rational use of EU funds. We are very pleased that we can also contribute to that end.”